Friday, October 26, 2012


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Good luck & happy reading!
Joann I. Martin Sowles

Friday, October 19, 2012

Book 3 Announcement Newsletter

Thank you all for being so incredibly patient. As you can see, the title of book 3 is Tainted Blood. I had hoped to release Tainted Blood long before now, but life tends to get in the way of my plans when it comes to book releases.
Book 4 is already in the works and I hope to have it out as soon as I possibly can. (Meaning, let’s hope something tragic doesn’t happen so that I can share the next book in the BHV series with you ASAP.)
Remember, I too have a life outside of writing the BHV series and, as much as I’d like to do nothing but write, my kids, hubby and the laundry (just to name a few) need my attention from time to time. ;)
Laney’s story continues in Book 3—Tainted Blood
Vampires, Werewolves, and…Angels? Oh, my!

Laney’s life is suddenly tangled by deceit and, as she tries to pull her past, present and future together, she finds herself and her friends fighting for their lives. Thrown into the midst of a conflict that has been brewing for centuries—a conflict that no mere human should be anywhere near—Laney and her friends will discover that the mythical creatures of lore are not so mythical after all.
As Carter and Kiera’s relationship moves forward, Laney and Oliver’s becomes strained…confusing…dangerous.

Laney would have never thought Oliver was capable of causing such pain, such heartache, such fear. When he becomes a danger to everyone they know, especially her, Laney must make the choice to save herself, or those she loves.
As if this weren’t enough, a visit from Oliver’s brother could bring Laney’s life to a tragic end.

Tainted Blood – The Brookehaven Vampires, Book 3. YA, Paranormal Romance. 18+       

The release date for Tainted Blood is October 30th 2012. The eBook of book 3 will be uploaded and ready to purchase on or before the 30th. Hardcovers and paperbacks will be available sometime after the release of the eBook. It will take Amazon and B&N up to 45 days after the 30th of October to carry the title. My shipment should arrive sometime in November and, as usual, I will have autographed copies available to order from my website.

Also, while you’re waiting for book 3’s release, I’d like to share a short book trailer that I put together for Tainted Blood. Hope you enjoy!
Originally, I’d envisioned using the intro of Marilyn Manson’s Tainted Love but, due to copyright issues, I had to find something as equally great.

A couple more things before I go:
I have finally joined the blogging world! Bear with me though, because when it comes to technology, I am seriously challenged. ;) But, I will do my best and I plan to keep updates on the next title, giveaways, etc. posted on a semi-regular basis.

Also, for anyone who would like bookmarks, send me a quick email titled “Bookmarks” with your name and mailing address and I’ll be getting those shipped out to you soon.

Thank you for your patience. I can’t wait to share Tainted Blood with you!

Much Love,
Joann I Martin Sowles